About Monitor policies

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About Monitor policies

Monitor policies inform the Monitor Plug-in of what data you want monitored and how that data should be analyzed. The data is evaluated against the conditions of rules. Based on these rules the Monitor Plug-in can run automated actions in response to data that reaches an undesired state or range. The Monitor Plug-in returns the monitored data to the Notification Server computer. The Notification Server computer uses monitored data to run Task Server tasks, for real-time performance monitoring, and historical performance reporting.

Monitor policies specify application detection behavior for the Monitor Plug-in. Application detection enables the Monitor Plug-in to regularly check the monitored computer for the presence of applications that it has been configured to monitor. If an application that is able to be monitored is detected on the computer, the plug-in automatically begins monitoring the application. If an application can be monitored but it is not installed or is removed, the plug-in does not attempt to monitor it. This functionality enables the Monitor Plug-in to dynamically adjust to the changing roles of a computer.

See Creating a monitor policy with the monitor policy wizard.

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