Event Console token types

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Event Console token types

Event Console tokens provide information when a task executes in response to a received alert. When a task executes, the Event Console tokens are replaced with readable values.

See About Event Console tokens.

Table: Describes the readable values that are associated with the Event Console tokens

Event Console tokens



The GUID of the alert category.


The GUID of the alert definition.


The GUID of the alert.


The host name or IP address of the resource that raised the alert.


The message text of the alert.


The GUID of the product (in the case of a solution) that raised the alert.


The GUID of the protocol that raised the alert.


The GUID of the NS Resource that raised the alert.


The enumeration value which represents the severity of the alert.

  • Critical = 50

  • Major = 40

  • Warning = 30

  • Informational = 20

  • Undetermined = 10

  • Normal = 0


The date and time the alert was raised.


The variable name. Each variable from the alert is passed where "variable_name" is the name of the variable and the value is the variable value string.

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