About data input masks

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About data input masks

Data input masks are the filters that selectively include or exclude certain values. When you define a data class, you can assign the masks that indicate what sort of value the data class attributes should hold. Values that do not conform to the mask cannot be entered.

See About CMDB data classes.

See Creating a custom data class.

Table: Data input mask characters




Any letter. Entry required.


Any letter. Entry optional.


Any digit or space. Entry optional; "+" and "-" not allowed.


Any digit (0 to 9). Entry required; "+" and "-" not allowed.


Any letter, digit, space, "+", or "-". Entry optional; spaces are removed when data is saved.


Any letter, digit, "+", or "-". Entry required.


Treat the masking character following the "\" as a regular character with no special masking properties.

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