About predefined configuration item types

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About predefined configuration item types

Predefined configuration item types (also known as predefined resource types) are the templates that define what data is created and stored about a specific configuration item.

See About configuration items.

See Creating and editing a configuration item.

Asset Management Suite provides predefined configuration item types for many types of assets. You can add custom fields to the predefined configuration item types. You can also create new configuration item types, if required. However, Symantec recommends that you use predefined configuration item types, because different features and reports are available for the predefined configuration item types.

Table: Predefined configuration item types of CMDB Solution


Predefined configuration item types

Contract Management

Contract, Service Level Agreement.

Communication Equipment

Cell Phone, Desk Phone.

Computers and Peripherals

Computer, Monitor, Network Printer, Peripheral, Scanner, Virtual Machine.

Datacenter Types

Computer Type, Power, Rack, Services, Systems, UPS.

See About datacenter configuration item types.

Generic Asset Types

Asset, Network Resource.

Other Assets

Furniture and Fixtures, Office Equipment, Site, Subnet.

Organizational Types

Company, Cost Center, Department, Location, User.

See About organizational configuration item types.

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