About managing security in Asset Management Suite

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About managing security in Asset Management Suite

Managing security is an important part of asset management. Setting up the security properly ensures that your data is secure while permitting users to have the access they need.

In most environments, you have different users who need various degrees of access to the Asset Management Suite features. These users might be data input workers, managers, or administrators. Each type of user has different access needs. For example, a supervisor user needs the rights to verify and update resource entries. A manager user needs to access the reports. An administrator user needs the rights to do everything. To set up security roles for all types of users, you can modify the predefined asset management security roles, or you can create new security roles.

In a large and a complex organization that has offices in several countries, additional security management might be necessary. For example, you might want to restrict each asset management team, so that they can only view and manage the assets for their own site. To accomplish this task, you need to create and configure site-specific security roles.

See Managing security on an organizational group.

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