Changing the length of time that log files are maintained in Symantec Scan Engine 5.x

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Symantec Scan Engine creates a new log file for each day. You can specify the number of log files that Symantec Scan Engine retains to keep the log directory

at a manageable size. Thus, when the maximum number of log files is reached, the oldest log file is removed on a daily basis. In its default configuration, this

setting is disabled (0). That means that no log files are deleted.If needed, you can periodically export the data to another file to retain the log

data before it is removed.

To change the length of time that log files are maintained

1 In the console on the primary navigation bar, click Monitors .

2 In the sidebar under Views, click Logging .

3 (one per day) box, type the number of individual log files to retain.

The default setting is disabled (0) so that no log files are deleted.

In the content area under Local Logging, in the Number of log files to retain

4 On the toolbar, select one of the following options:

Save    Saves your changes.

             Use this option to continue making changes in the console until

             You are ready to apply them.

Apply    Applies your changes.

              Your changes are not implemented until you apply them.

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