About the AppCritical tool

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About the AppCritical tool

AppCritical™ is a third party tool that provides active-mode monitoring of your network activity. AppCritical "virtualizes" the network to create a view that is meaningful to applications. The tool looks end-to-end from the application's perspective and produces simple, bottom line information regarding the network. Even non-network specialists can use this information to identify, assess, and diagnose issues when replication fails to complete. AppCritical requires no prior knowledge of the network, no agents, and only a few hours of training for typical general support staff with minimal skills.

AppCritical can diagnose the following faults:

  • Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) conflicts

  • Full/half duplex conflicts

  • Bottlenecks and congestion points

  • NIC problems

  • Media errors (connections and cables)

  • Poorly performing routers and switches

  • Mixing of TCP and legacy protocols

  • Latency-bound applications

  • Reordering of packets

AppCritical can also see into networks that you do not own, and can provide the following information about those networks:

  • End-to-End

  • Bandwidth

  • Utilization

  • Packet loss

  • Latency

  • Jitter

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