Tunable network parameters on AIX

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Tunable network parameters on AIX

You can tune the following AIX network parameters to resolve some or all of your network issues:


Enables the TCP window scaling option.


Enables TCP to send an immediate acknowledgement instead of waiting the default 200 ms delay.


Specifies how many consecutive duplicate ACK's are allowed before a TCP connection goes to fast retransmit phase. The default value is 3.


Specifies the upper limit on the number of socket buffers queued to an individual socket. This value controls how much buffer space is used by buffers that are queued to a sender's socket or to a receiver's socket.


Specifies how much data the sending application can buffer in the kernel before the application is blocked on a send call.


Specifies how many bytes of data the receiving system can buffer in the kernel on the receiving sockets queue.


Specifies the amount of space for incoming data that is queued on each UDP socket. Any packets received beyond the specified value are discarded.

You can tune these parameters by using the no command.

See the no manual page.

See Example of tuning the TCP protocol to improve replication performance on AIX

See Tuning the operating system network parameters

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