[7063] : can not open pid file :

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[7063] <Brightmail_component>: can not open <Brightmail_process> pid file </path/filename>: <error message>

Error code: 7063

Error text: <Brightmail_component>: can not open <Brightmail_process> pid file </path/filename>: <error message>

Affected module: conduit

Product version: Symantec Brightmail Gateway 9.5 and later versions


The warning is most likely due to a transient situation, and usually there are additional warnings or errors around this warning string in the conduit_log. Conduit frequently communicates with another Brightmail process through a Brightmail component or program. For example, Brightmail conduit invokes Brightmail kicker to notify the Brightmail Engine that a new ruleset is available to pick up. If the target Brightmail process such as Brightmail Engine does not exist at the time, a warning is logged in conduit log.


The target Brightmail process that conduit communicates with is not up and running.


If the warning does not continue to occur, you can ignore this error as the system has corrected itself. Otherwise, examine the conduit log for additional warning and the error messages that may help to determine the root cause, and perform the appropriate action. If the issue persists, contact Symantec support for further assistance.

Log sample:

The following is an example of the error message as it appears in the conduit_log.

<date>T<time> (WARNING:22525.3071567552): [7063] kicker: can not
open bmserver pid file /data/scanner/jobs/bmserver/bmserver.pid: 
No such file or directory.
<date>T<time> (WARNING:22061.3059996352): [12064] The engine was
unable to be kicked.

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