How to Clone Consumer Policies

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How to Clone Consumer Policies
This article details how to clone PGP Universal Consumer Policies. Cloning a policy allows you to easily copy the policies settings from any existing policy to a new policy. Cloning a policy also you to make a backup copy of your policy in case you need to restore the policy to the factory defaults and want to re-enable the same the policy settings.
To clone a Consumer Policy
1.     Log in to the PGP Universal Server admin interface.
2.     Click Consumers > Consumer Policy and then select Add Policy.
3.     From the drop-down list select the policy you want to clone.
4.     Enter a Policy Name and Description (optional).
5.     Click Save.
Note: You can create a backup of an existing policy’s (e.g. Sales Team) settings by cloning the existing policy and using a new Policy Name such as Sales Team Backup. In case a policy becomes corrupted, cloning would allow you to restore the policy to the Factory Default settings and then you could copy your previous settings to the policy.   

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