How can I create a virtual capture?

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How do I create a virtual capture?


Before you use SetupCapture with Virtual Capture, use the Virtual OS Creation utility to create a Virtual OS. Follow the Guidelines for Virtual Capture.

The Virtual OS Creation utility makes a copy of the entire computer, except Recycler and files that have system attributes, such as pagefile.sys.

  1. Copy the VirtualOS.exe file to a clean machine. It is located in the Wise Package Studio\Workbench directory.
  2. On the clean machine, open VirtualOS.exe. The Virtual OS Location dialog appears.
  3. In Name of Virtual OS, enter a descriptive name to identify this Virtual OS (for example, Clean Windows XP). This name will be displayed in SetupCapture and the Universal Import option in the Import Wizard.
  4. Specify where to locate the Virtual OS:
    • Create a Virtual OS on this PC: Select this option if you plan to perform captures on the current clean machine. This would be the case if you are working in a clean build environment.
    • Create a Virtual OS file and copy to a shared location: Select this option if the current computer is clean, but you plan to perform captures on another, non-clean machine. Also select this option if you plan to use the Universal Import feature in Software Manager. Click Browse to specify a location for the Virtual OS file. The file will be extremely large, so select a location with plenty of disk space.
  5. Click Next.
    Creation of the Virtual OS begins. This can take several minutes to complete. When it is finished, "Current Status is Scan Completed" appears on the dialog.
  6. Click Finish.
    • If you created the Virtual OS on this computer, your hard drive contains a new directory, which contains a copy of all files on this computer. Also, a new registry branch contains a copy of the entire registry.
    • If you created a Virtual OS file, then a .wos file is created in the location you specified. This file is large because it contains a copy of the registry and of every file on the computer.

You can now perform a SetupCapture using Virtual Capture.

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