About Front-end Terabytes and capacity licensing on UNIX/Linux

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About Front-end Terabytes and capacity licensing on UNIX/Linux

The licensing fees for the use of NetBackup are based on the total number of Front-End Terabytes (FETBs) protected by NetBackup. Front-End Terabyte Calculation is a way of determining the total terabytes of data NetBackup protects. A Front-End Terabyte (FETB) is one terabyte of protected data. The data can either be on clients or devices where the software is installed or where the software is used to provide backup functionality.

The utility examines the image headers in the NetBackup catalog to determine the terabytes of data that NetBackup protects. Any partial terabytes of data are rounded up to the next whole terabyte. The final total is the sum of the FETBs for each client/policy combination that the analyzer examines. The utility measures the actual data protected. It does not measure the capacity of the storage where the data resides or the total amount of data that is stored on the device.

Consider the following:

  • Assume a device with 100 TB of total storage capacity.

  • A total of 65 TB of the total capacity is in use.

  • NetBackup protects a total of 60 TB of the used data through multiple backup storage units.

  • That is measured as 60 TB of front-end capacity.

The total terabytes of front-end capacity are independent of the number of copies NetBackup makes. A backup of 200 TB to basic disk with two copies to tape is still only 200TB of front-end capacity.

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