About improving NetBackup-Java performance on Windows

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About improving NetBackup-Java performance on Windows

The most important factor to consider concerning performance issues while using the following interfaces is the platform on which the console is running:

  • NetBackup-Java Administration Console

  • Java Windows Administration Console

  • NetBackup Backup, Archive, and Restore user interface

Regardless of the platform, you can run the administration console from one of the following locations:

  • Run it locally on a desktop host (on supported Windows and UNIX platforms)

  • Run it remotely and display it back to a desktop host (from supported UNIX platforms)

To provide the best performance, the recommended method for using these consoles is to run the consoles locally on a desktop host. When the consoles are run locally, they do not exhibit the font and the display issues that can be present in some remote display-back configurations.

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