About running the Java console locally (Windows version)

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About running the Java console locally (Windows version)

On Windows platforms, select Start >Symantec NetBackup > NetBackup-Java Version 7.5 to start the Java Windows Administration Console. The Start menu item appears if you install the optional Java Windows Administration Console available on the main NetBackup for Windows installation screen.

On supported UNIX platforms, the console is run locally if jnbSA or jbpSA is entered on the same host on which the console is appears. That is, your display environment variable is set to the host on which the jnbSA or jbpSA commands were entered.

Improvements in Java technology have made remote X-display back potentially viable on some platforms. However, problems continue with certain controls in the consoles. For example, incorrect combo box operations, sluggish scrolling, and display problems in tables with many rows. More serious issues have also occurred. Consoles can abort and hang because of a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) failure when run in this mode on some platforms. These JVM failures are most often seen on the AIX platform. Therefore, Symantec cannot recommend running the consoles in a remote X-display back configuration.

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