About running a console locally and administering a remote server on Windows

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About running a console locally and administering a remote server on Windows

The NetBackup Administration Console and the Backup, Archive, and Restore user console are distributed applications. Both applications consist of two major and separate system processes that can run on different machines. For example: the NetBackup Administration Console on one machine and the console's application server - bpjava processes on another machine.

The NetBackup Administration Console does not need to run on a NetBackup server host. However, the application server must run on this host in order for you to be able to administer NetBackup.

Although the NetBackup-Java Administration Console does not run on all NetBackup-supported platforms, the application server for the console does run on all supported platforms. The distributed application architecture enables direct administration of all NetBackup platforms, even though the consoles themselves run only on a subset of the NetBackup-supported platforms.

To log into the NetBackup-Java Administration Console, specify a host name. The host name is the machine where the application server (bpjava) runs. (For example, a NetBackup master server.) All requests or updates that are initiated in the console are sent to its application server that runs on this host.

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