About enhancing console performance on Windows

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About enhancing console performance on Windows

Performance of the NetBackup-Java applications depends on the environment where the applications are running, including available resources and network throughput. The NetBackup-Java default configuration, specifically the INITIAL_MEMORY and MAX_MEMORY configuration options, assumes sufficient memory resources on the machine where the console is running. For example, where the jnbSA command is run or the NetBackup-Java Administration Console is started.

Following are guidelines for improving performance:

  • Consider the network communication speed and the amount of data being transferred.

  • Consider the amount of work being performed on the relevant machines.

    Run NetBackup-Java on a machine that has a low level of activity. For example, there can be large differences in response time when other memory-intensive applications are running on the machine. (For example, Web browsers.) Multiple instances of NetBackup-Java on the same machine have the same effect.

  • Run NetBackup-Java on a 1-gigabyte machine that has at least 256 MB of RAM available to the application. In some instances, the application does not initiate due to insufficient memory. A number of messages identify these failures in the xterm window where the jnbSA command was run. Or, the messages appear in the application log file. Possible messages include the following:

    Error occurred during initialization of VM
    Could not reserve enough space for object heap
    Out of Memory
  • Consider the amount of physical memory on the relevant machines. Possibly add memory on the host being administered (the console's application server host).

  • Consider increasing the swap space to relevant machines:

    • The console host (the host where the console is started)

    • The host being administered

    Increase the amount of swap space available to the system where you are running the applications can increase performance. Especially if there is a great deal of other activity on the machine. More swap space can alleviate hangs or other problems that relate to insufficient memory for the applications.

  • Consider additional or faster CPUs to relevant machines:

    • The console host (the host where the console is started)

    • The host being administered

  • To save startup time, allow NetBackup-Java to run rather than exit and restart. Startup of the Java Virtual Machine can take longer than other applications.

  • Consider limiting the amount of NetBackup data that is retained for long periods of time to only that which is necessary. For example, do not retain successfully completed jobs for more than a few hours.

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