About using nbdeployutil for traditional licensing on Windows

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About using nbdeployutil for traditional licensing on Windows

The utility performs two steps. Data is gathered in the first step and analyzed in the second step. The following table describes the tasks to prepare a traditional license model report.


Task Number


Task 1

Gather data from one or more master servers.

The nbdeployutil utility gathers data remotely for multiple master servers from a central location, provided the master servers granted the initiating server access. The utility supports remotely collecting data from back-level master servers (NetBackup 6.5.6 and later). You must load the engineering binary that is associated with this utility onto all master servers for which you want to gather information.

See Gathering data on Windows

Task 2

Run analysis on the gathered data.

After the gather process finishes, run the --report option to generate the traditional license report.

See Analyzing the gathered data on Windows

Task 3

Examine the results and make the necessary adjustments.

See How to reconcile the traditional licensing report on Windows.

Depending on your environment, the nbdeployutil utility takes from a several seconds to several minutes to complete. This behavior is true for both the --gather and the --report parameters. In general, the nbdeployutil utility runs faster on Linux and Windows servers as compared to other platforms.

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