About client configuration using gateways

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About client configuration using gateways

BMR clients can use gateways to communicate with BMR and NetBackup servers during a restore operation.

Table: Network gateways describes gateway attributes that are used during a restore.

Table: Network gateways



Default Gateway

Defines the default network gateway for the client during the restore.

Master Server Gateway

Defines the gateway from the client to the NetBackup master server.

Media Server Gateway

Defines the gateway from the client to the NetBackup media server used to restore the files.

You may not have to specify all gateways. If the client can communicate with all hosts through the default gateway, you only have to specify the default gateway.

For network boots, specify the following:

  • The gateways for the NetBackup master and media servers in the Hosts dialog box of the restore configuration

  • The default gateway in the Network Routes dialog box

For media boots, you are prompted for these values when you create the boot media or during the restore.

Figure: Gateway example shows how gateways can be used during a BMR client restore.

Figure: Gateway example

Gateway example

The client in this diagram cannot communicate with all of the servers it needs to by using only the default gateway. For such a configuration, you should specify the default gateway as G1, the master server gateway as G2, and the media server gateway as G3.

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