UNIX system prerequisites

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UNIX system prerequisites

The following system prerequisites apply to UNIX systems:

  • The tftp service and the bootp service must be available. On some operating systems, these services are commented out of the /etc/inetd.conf file. They must be uncommented and inetd needs to be refreshed for the BMR boot server to function.

  • The following NFS services are required unless the boot server is used only to create local SRTs for media boot:

    • NFS server services are required to support a network boot of BMR clients.

    • NFS client and server services are required to copy SRTs between boot servers.

    No /etc/exports configuration is required; BMR adds and removes specific export permissions as required.

    Look for the nfsd process in the process table. If it is not present, ensure that the NFS server is installed and configured. (Solaris automatically starts the NFS server if it is installed normally.)

    If the boot server is used only to create local SRTs for media start, NFS services are not required.

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