About ZFS storage pool support

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About ZFS storage pool support

Zettabyte File System (ZFS) is a combined file system and logical volume manager, which is part of Solaris operating system. ZFS is available on both SPARC and x86-based systems.

Support for ZFS is added in Solaris 10 6/06 ("U2"). When you install Solaris 11 ZFS is also installed and set as the default file system.

Starting with NetBackup 7.5, Bare Metal Restore can protect Solaris 10 Update 8 and later clients that are attached to ZFS storage pools. The ZFS support in NetBackup 7.5 ensures that the Solaris clients with ZFS storage pools are protected.

BMR 7.5 supports backup and restore of Solaris 10 Update 8 and later clients with the following configurations:

  • ZFS Root Pool and Data Pools

  • ZFS storage pools on slice

  • ZFS file system with zones

  • ZFS with SAN boot

  • ZFS storage pools along with VxVM and SVM disk groups


All above features are supported on Solaris SPARC and Solaris x86_64 architectures.

BMR 7.5 does not support Solaris clients with the following configurations:

  • UFS to ZFS migration

  • Different file system on ZFS volumes

To view the ZFS Manager elements and its parameters, do the following:

  • In the NetBackup Administration Console, click Bare Metal Restore Management > Hosts > Bare Metal Restore Clients. Open the Change Configuration dialog box for the client for which you want to view all associated volumes.

Figure: ZFS Manager UI shows the ZFS Manager GUI screen.

Figure: ZFS Manager UI

ZFS Manager UI

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