About the support for Linux native multipath in BMR

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About the support for Linux native multipath in BMR

In the data storage domain, multipathing is the ability of a server to communicate with its mass storage devices using more than one physical path; through the buses, controllers, switches, and bridge devices connecting them.

Multipathing protects against the failure of paths but not from the failure of a specific storage device. Another advantage of using multipath connectivity is the increased throughput by way of load balancing.

Until now, BMR supported EMC Powerpath solution. But the demand for native multipath is increasing, which is a platform-independent technique. To cater to this demand, support for native multipath is added in BMR 7.5 for the Linux platform.

Once the System Administrator has configured the Linux native multipath on the client systems, no additional installation, un-installation, or configuration steps are required from the BMR side to enable this feature. The native multipathing ability is already integrated with BMR 7.5.

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