NBAC configuration overview

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NBAC configuration overview

This topic contains recommendations for configuring NetBackup Access Control (NBAC) using the bpnbaz command. This command is available under the NETBACKUP_INSTALL_PATH/bin/admincmd directory.

The bpnbaz utility is required to configure NBAC on the master servers, media servers, and clients. This tool also configures NBAC for all the back revision media's and client's hosts. See NBAC configure commands summary. for a summary reference of the bpnbaz command. This topic provides an example of how to use these commands with specific details on recommended usage. Note that the services should be restarted on each of the servers and clients after configuration.

Since the configuration is done from the master server, ensure that operational communications links exist between the master server, the media servers, and the clients. See About using NetBackup Access Control (NBAC). to review the prerequisites list. Review the list to ensure that you have noted all the associated media servers, clients, and the addresses to communicate with them.

See Troubleshooting topics for NetBackup Authentication and Authorization. for troubleshooting information. A set of OS commands and one NetBackup command is useful for the first level of troubleshooting. The OS commands are ping, traceroute and telnet. The NetBackup command is bpclntcmd. Use these commands to establish that the hosts can communicate with each other.

See About using NetBackup Access Control (NBAC)

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