About NetBackup security and encryption

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About NetBackup security and encryption

NetBackup security and encryption provide protection for all parts of NetBackup operations. The parts that are made secure include the NetBackup master server, media server, and attached clients. Also made secure are the operating systems on which the servers and clients are running. The backup data is protected through encryption processes and vaulting. NetBackup data that is sent over the wire is protected by dedicated and secure network ports.

The various level and implementation of NetBackup security and encryption are included in the following topics.

See NetBackup security implementation levels.

See NetBackup security components.

See NetBackup Access Control (NBAC).

See Operating system security.

See Standard NetBackup security.

See Media Server Encryption Option (MSEO) security.

See Client side encryption security.

See NBAC on master, media server, and GUI security.

See NBAC complete security.

See All NetBackup security.

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