Documentation references Altiris.ASDK.DS.DataSets.dll, but it cannot be found

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I installed the ASDK 1.3 on a development system and want to reference the Altiris.ASDK.DS.DataSets.dll assembly in order to use the classes exposed within (as explained in the ASDK documentation). Where is the file and how can I reference it in the IDE (in this case Visual Studio)?

Deployment Solution 6.8
Altiris Administrator SDK 1.3

The file is installed into the Global Assembly Cache and as such cannot be referenced directly via Visual Studio (the following article 34490 explains how to obtain the DLL from the GAC). Here is a screen shot of this specific Deployment Solution server ASDK MSI administrative install point:

In the present case the best option to reference the .dll within the IDE is to make an administrative install point of the .msi and to copy the desired assemblies directly onto the project folder. To create an administrative install point for any .msi, use the following command line:

MSIEXEC /A "<path_to_msi>"

Here is an example of the admin install of the Notification Server MSI:

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