How are duplicate keys lookup values handled with Connector solution?

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How are duplicate key lookup values handled with Connector Solution?

Duplicate key lookup values may exist either in the Connector Data Source or in Notification Server.

For example, suppose a Resource Import/Export rule is set to the Resource Type of Computer and also set to use the Resource Name as the lookup key.

Scenario A: If duplicate computer names exist in Notification Server, each resource whose name is duplicated will be skipped entirely. Testing the Import Rule will bring up a dialog box that indicates whether this has occurred and if so, how many resources were skipped due to duplicates in the key lookup value within Notification Server.

Scenario B: If the duplicate exists in the data source, then a matching resource in Notification Server (assuming that the resource does not fall within Scenario A) will be updated or created with the information from the first occurrence of the record with the matching key lookup value from the data source.

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