Installing the SYMCquiesce utility

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Installing the SYMCquiesce utility

This topic applies to NetBackup for VMware.

To install SYMCquiesce in Linux virtual machines

  1. Make sure that VMware Tools are installed and that the VMware Tools services are running in the virtual machine.

    On the virtual machine, run the ps command as follows:

    ps -e | grep vmtoolsd

    If VMware Tools are running, the command returns something similar to the following:

    3068 ? 00:00:00 vmtoolsd

    For assistance with installation of VMware Tools, refer to your VMware documentation.

  2. Copy the SYMCquiesce ISO image into the virtual machine's ESX datastore.

    On the installed NetBackup packages for Windows (master server and client), the ISO image is located in the following folder:


  3. Attach the SYMCquiesce ISO as a CD-ROM device on the virtual machine.

    The guest OS should mount the CD-ROM automatically.

  4. From the mounted CD-ROM, install the SYMCquiesce rpm version that is appropriate for the virtual machine platform.

    The SYMCquiesce utility is installed in /opt/SYMCquiesce/.

  5. In the NetBackup policy for the virtual machine, make sure that the Virtual machine quiesce parameter is enabled.

    VMware must be selected as the policy type. Then, on the policy VMware tab, click Advanced.

    If the Virtual machine quiesce parameter is not enabled, NetBackup cannot quiesce the file system before the snapshot occurs. As a result, the data that is captured in the snapshot may not be complete.

    See VMware - Advanced Attributes dialog.

See SYMCquiesce logging and troubleshooting

See Configuration options for the SYMCquiesce utility

See Configuring a VMware policy from the Policies utility.

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