About the View pane

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About the View pane

The View pane is a key navigation and configuration tool in Symantec OpsCenter. This pane lets you select the views to control the scope of your console views. From OpsCenter 7.5, the View pane lists only the views that you are permitted to access.

Using OpsCenter views, you can view NetBackup information for your entire management domain (with the ALL MASTER SERVERS view), a specific view type, an individual server, or NetBackup appliances.

A Security Administrator or an Administrator can create views from Settings > Views or by using the Java View Builder. For example, an admin can create a view named Geography to display details about master servers in a particular region, such as Europe. An admin can also create client or policy views.

More information about how to create views from Settings > Views is available.

See About OpsCenter views.

See the online Java View Builder Help for more information about creating views using Java View Builder.

The View pane has the following features:

Figure: View pane description shows a sample View pane in which ALL MASTER SERVERS view is selected.

Figure: View pane description

View pane description

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