Monitor > Hosts > Clients view

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Monitor > Hosts > Clients view

This view shows details of NetBackup clients. The data that is shown in this view is based on the current View pane selection.

See Controlling the scope of Monitor views.

The table that appears in this view shows the following columns:

Table: Clients view options



Client Name

Name of the client that is to be backed up.

Master Server

Name of the master server that is associated with the client.

OS Type

Operating system on the client like Linux, HP-UX etc.


Hardware of the client computer like PC.

Is Offline

Shows Yes if the client is offline.

Offline Until

Date till the client is offline

You can click Search Client to search for specific clients on the page. You can search for clients using absolute host names or substrings.

You can perform the following task from this view:

View the details for a single master server

See Viewing the details for a single master server.

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