Creating OpsCenter views

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Creating OpsCenter views

This topic provides the procedure to create a view using OpsCenter. Only a Security Administrator or an Administrator can create views.

Symantec recommends that while creating a view, the lowest level of the view should be an object that is created by a data collector like a master server, policy, client etc. For example, if you create a view called Geography, the lowest level can be an object like or and not any other hypothetical object like Region, Continent etc..


 | - US
    |- - Colorado
           |- - -

In this example, US, and Colorado are hypothetical nodes (which are not associated with any data collector), and the lowest-level of the view is which is an object created by a data collector. You can create such views.

You should not create any view like the following where the lowest level of the view is a hypothetical object like Denver:

 | - US
    |- - Colorado
           |- - -
                |- - - - Denver

To create an OpsCenter view

  1. Log on to the OpsCenter console as a Security Administrator or an Administrator.

  2. In the OpsCenter console, click Settings > Views.

  3. Click Add.

  4. On the Add View dialog box, specify the view details.

    See Settings > Views > Add View dialog box options.

  5. Click OK.

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