ActiveX controls not installing correctly even when proper conditions are met

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When accessing the "Remote Control with Carbon Copy" (Basic Console and Advanced Console) page in the Altiris Console from a workstation, the ActiveX controls will either not install correctly, or will not function properly. For example, when trying to connect with the Basic Console, it may hang at the gray Carbon Copy splash screen. With the Advanced Console, the status box immediately reverts back to "Idle" when trying to connect. Deleting the ActiveX controls to force reinstallation (KB #37762) has no effect.

These symptoms occur even if you are logged into the workstation as a local administrator, or the ActiveX controls worked properly at one point in time.

How do I manually install the components necessary for Carbon Copy remote control capability from a workstation?


  • Carbon Copy Solution 6.x


Certain registry keys and files need to be accessed and written when the ActiveX controls are being installed. If for some reason these registry keys or files can not be accessed, have become corrupt, or have been modified by a 3rd party, there will be no prompt for installation or the installation will fail without error.


Attached to this KB is a script, "", which will manually remove all references to both the Basic Console and Advanced Console ActiveX controls' files and registry keys.

Note: This script has not gone through a formal QA process. Testing with this script has been performed on Windows XP with Carbon Copy Solution 6.2.1144 only. It is provided on a "use at your own risk" basis.

  1. Extract the contents of "" to any location on a problematic machine
  2. Run "start.bat"
  3. Access the "Remote Control with Carbon Copy" page and you should be prompted to reinstall the ActiveX control
  4. Attempt to remote control a machine. If it still fails, continue to "Manually install Carbon Copy web controls"

Note: If the problem is occurring on numerous machines, you may also choose to push this script via a Software Delivery task. In this case you may prefer to run "start_silent.vbs" to have the removal run silently.

Manually install Carbon Copy web controls

  1. Create folders on the problematic machine where both the Advanced Console and Basic Console files will "permanently" reside (example: "C:\Program Files\CC Advanced", "C:\Program Files\CC Basic")
  2. Copy the appropriate .cab files from the Notification Server to their corresponding installation folder:
    Advanced Console: \\[NS server name]\NSCap\Bin\Win32\X86\CCAXCF.CAB
    Basic Console: \\[NS server name]\NSCap\Bin\Win32\X86\RcWebCab.CAB
  3. Extract the contents of these .cab files into their corresponding installation folder
  4. Register the appropriate .dll files for each console by going to Start > Run and typing the following command:
    Advanced Console:  regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\CC Advanced\CCAXCF.dll"
    Basic Console:  regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\CC Basic\RcView.dll"
  5. Attempt to remote control a machine. If it still fails, contact Symantec Support

Note: The location of the these files is not a temporary location. It is a direct path to the components necessary for Carbon Copy remote control.

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