Editing OpsCenter user information

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Editing OpsCenter user information

Only a Security Administrator can edit the existing users.

To edit an existing user in OpsCenter

  1. Log on to the OpsCenter console as a Security Administrator.

  2. In the OpsCenter console, click Settings > Users.

  3. On the Users tab, click the check box in front of the user that you want to edit.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Modify the user information.

    You cannot modify the domain of the user.

    You can also reset passwords of the OpsCenter users using this page.

    You can modify the views that you want a user to access. You can modify the views for user roles like Operator, Restore Operator, or Reporter. Select one or more views from the Granted Views list to grant access of the specific views to the user.

    See Resetting an OpsCenter user password.

  6. Click Save.

See Viewing OpsCenter user account information

See Adding new users to OpsCenter

See Resetting an OpsCenter user password

See Deleting OpsCenter users

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