About Operational Restores from OpsCenter

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About Operational Restores from OpsCenter

You can now search for and restore the backed up files or directories from multiple source clients easily from the OpsCenter console. The OpsCenter console lets you search for and view the backed up files or directories for multiple source clients in a consolidated manner.

Before restoring files and directories from the OpsCenter console, review the following considerations:

  • You must have backups of files and directories that you want to restore.

  • You can search for and restore files and directories only from NetBackup 7.5 master servers. You cannot search for or restore files and directories from NetBackup master servers prior to 7.5.

    The NetBackup client that is attached to a NetBackup 7.5 master server can be at 7.5 or a lower version that is supported.

    Note that you may have backed up files and directories using previous NetBackup versions. If you upgrade from an earlier NetBackup version to NetBackup 7.5, the backups that you have taken with the earlier version can be searched and restored using OpsCenter 7.5.

  • You must add the NetBackup 7.5 master server to the OpsCenter console for restoring files and directories from a client that is associated with the master server.

  • View-based access is used to control the clients that you can search and restore to. Only those views are displayed that you can access.

  • Only one user session is allowed per user at a given time.

  • OpsCenter supports normal restores only. Other restore types like Archived, Raw Partition, True Image, Virtual Machine etc. are not supported.

  • For VMWare or HyperV clients, the search and restore operations work only if the client name is the same as hostname.

    If the client name is the same as display name, UUID, or DNS name then only the Search functionality is available. You cannot perform restore operations in this case. The following table provides the details on whether the Search and Restore functionality is available when the client name is the Host name, display name, UUID, DNS name etc.:

    Client Name Type



    Host Name



    Display Name






    DNS Name



Legacy ID


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