Settings > Users > Users options

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Settings > Users > Users options

A description of the Settings > Users > Users options follows in the table.

Table: Users options



Add/Edit/Delete options

Click Add/Edit/Delete to add, edit, or delete users.


Login name of the user.

Email address

Email address that you provided while adding the user.

User Role

Role that is associated with the user.

See User access rights and UI functions in OpsCenter.

Domain Type

Domain type (like vx) that the user is a member of and also specified while adding the user.

Domain Name

Domain name (like OpsCenterUsers) that the user is a member of and also specified while adding the user .

The Security Administrator can view the list of views that each user can access under the Assigned Views tab at the bottom. The Assigned Views tab is only visible if you log on as a Security Administrator (like admin).

The following columns are shown in the table:


This column lists the views to which a user is permitted.


This column lists the type of the specific view like Client, Master Server, or Policy.

Permission Type

The Security Administrator can assign a view directly to a user using the OpsCenter console. A Security Administrator or Administrator can also assign a view directly to a user-group using the Java View Builder.

This column lists if the view was assigned directly to the selected user or via a user group.

Created On

This column lists the date and time when the view was created.


This column lists the name of the user who owns the specific view.

See About managing Symantec OpsCenter users

See Adding new users to OpsCenter

See Resetting an OpsCenter user password

See Adding OpsCenter user groups

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