Media Reports > Media State

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Media Reports > Media State

This report displays the media status and count (per media type) for each master server and media server combination. Media state can be frozen, active, off-site, and so on.

Figure: Media State Report shows a sample view of Media State Report.

Figure: Media State Report

Media State Report

The following are the details that are associated with the Media State report:

Report Name

Media State

Report Category

Media Reports

Where to Locate

Report > Report Templates > Media Reports > Media State.

Report Purpose

Lists number of media in each media status per media type and per media server.

Supported products

Symantec NetBackup, Symantec NetBackup Master Appliance

Applicable View

Master Server

Report Display


Drill down report


Can be scheduled


Supported formats


Mapping with NOM report

All Reports > Standard Report > Media and Devices > Media State

You can edit the Media State report to show or hide the columns that you are interested in. All the columns are shown by default. You can also filter the report to view reports of specific master servers. The following table shows the filters for Media State report and how you can use these filters to view specific data in the report.






Select a view to show data for the selected view in the report. By default All My Views is selected.

Master Server

Master Server

Select one or more master servers to view data for the virtual clients that are backed up by the selected master servers in the report. All master servers that are added to the OpsCenter console are shown in the Value drop-down list .

Example of filter usage: Run the Media State report for a specific master server to view the media state for that master server.

The following report enhancements have been made for the Media State report:

  • The

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