Configuring the NetBackup service account (Exchange 2003)

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Configuring the NetBackup service account (Exchange 2003)

If in a cluster environment, perform the steps in the following procedures on each Exchange node.

To configure the NetBackup service account (Exchange 2003)

  1. Use Active Directory Users and Computers to create a user account that has a mailbox with a unique name.

    A unique name is one that does not already exist within the Exchange Organization. This name cannot be contained as a set of characters in an existing name.

    For example: EXCH1 is entered as the unique mailbox name, and other mailbox names such as EXCH1BACKUP or BACKUPEXCH1 exist. The backup or restore of individual mailboxes or both fail.

  2. After you create the account, double-click the account, click the Members Of tab, and add this account to the Domain Admins group.

  3. Open Exchange System Manager.

  4. Right-click the Exchange Organization and click Delegate Control.

  5. Click Next.

  6. On the Users or the Groups screen, click Add.

  7. In the Delegate Control dialog box, provide the following information.

    Group or User

    Specify the name of the account that was created in step 1.


    Select Exchange Full Administrator.

  8. Complete the Delegation wizard.

  9. Configure the NetBackup Client Service log on account.

    See Configuring the log on account for the NetBackup Client Service for NetBackup for Exchange on Windows

See About configuring the NetBackup Client Service for backups and restores that use Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) or MAPI

See About configuring NetBackup for Exchange

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