Configuring the granular restore proxy host

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Configuring the granular restore proxy host

When you browse for or restore individual items using Granular Recovery Technology (GRT), NetBackup uses the destination client to stage a virtual copy of the database that you want to restore. However, NetBackup uses the source client of the backup to stage the database in the following situations: when you duplicate a GRT-enabled backup image or when you use the bplist command. Alternatively, you can specify a different Windows system to act as a proxy for the client. Use a proxy if you do not want to affect the source client or if the source client is not available.

To specify a proxy, configure the Exchange granular proxy host in the Exchange properties for the client.

When you use the bplist command and the bpduplicate command, you can override the Exchange granular proxy host setting with the -granular_proxy option. More information is available on how to specify the granular host with these commands.

See About using the command line to browse or restore Exchange granular backup images.

NetBackup determines the granular restore proxy host in the following order:

  • The host that is specified with the -granular_proxy option on the command line

  • The granular restore proxy host that you specify in the host properties for the source client

  • The source client

See Configuring host properties for Exchange clients

See About Exchange client and server privileges

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