About Exchange client and server privileges

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About Exchange client and server privileges

When you perform a restore, sometimes the source client is different than the client that NetBackup uses for backup processing. These situations include the following:

  • When you use an Exchange granular proxy host

    You can specify the granular proxy host in the NetBackup Administration Console, with the bpduplicate command, or with the bplist command. Note that NetBackup uses the proxy host when you duplicate a backup image.

    See Configuring the granular restore proxy host.

  • Off-host backups

  • Backups of a clustered Exchange server

  • Backups of an Exchange 2010 Database Availability Group

  • When you select a destination client other than the source client to either browse the backup image or when you perform a restore

If one of these situations applies to your NetBackup configuration, the following requirements exist:


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