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cat_export — export catalog image metadata from the NetBackup database (NBDB) to one or more flat ASCII image header files.


cat_export -all | -client name | -backupid backupid | -mediahost hostname [-delete_source] [-replace_destination] [-export_dependents] [-staging [source_master name]] [-base directory_name]

On UNIX systems, the directory path to this command is /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/

On Windows systems, the directory path to this command is <install_path>\NetBackup\bin\


The cat_export utility is used in specific scenarios to export image metadata from NBDB or a staged copy of NBDB to flat ASCII image header files in a target directory. It organizes the data into a directory hierarchy based on the hierarchy that is used in the NetBackup database.

cat_export is normally used in conjunction with the cat_import command as part of a disaster recovery scenario or to relocate image metadata information from one repository to another. More information is available on NetBackup disaster recovery.

Refer to Disaster Recovery in the NetBackup Troubleshooting Guide.

You must have administrator privileges to run this command.



Exports the catalog image data of all the clients of the master server.

-base directory_name

Changes the target directory of the catalog metadata from the default directory netbackup/db.export to the specified directory name.

-backupid backupid

Exports the catalog image data of the specified backup ID.

-client name

Exports the catalog image data of the specified client.


Deletes the original image metadata in NBDB.


Used with the -backupid and -client options to export image metadata that is dependent on the specified backup images.

-mediahost hostname

Exports the catalog image data that has at least one fragment on the specified media host. The hostname value can be a media server or a snapshot client.


Forces the new flat files to overwrite any existing flat files in the target directory.

-staging [source_master name]

Specifies that the copy of the NBDB in the staging directory should be used as the source of the export operation instead of the NBDB. You can use this option for the following reasons:

  • To export the image metadata to the legacy flat file format in the db.export (default) directory.

  • To export the image metadata, so that you can import it into another copy of NBDB by using the cat_import command.


Example 1 - Export all image metadata for alfred into the /catExport/images/alfred directory:

# cat_export -base /catExport -client alfred

Example 2 - Export all NBDB image metadata to the netbackup/db.export directory:

# cat_export -all

Example 3 - Export only the image metadata related to client hostname1 from the copy of NBDB that is located in the staging directory:

# cat_export -client hostname1 -staging


See cat_convert.

See cat_import.

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