About requirements for jobs that use Granular Recovery Technology

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About requirements for jobs that use Granular Recovery Technology

Keep in mind the following requirements when you use Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) with the agents listed:

Table: Granular Recovery Technology requirements



Agent for Microsoft Active Directory

You can run only full backups for GRT-enabled jobs.

Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server

Backup Exec must have access to a uniquely named mailbox within the Exchange organization for backup and restore of the Information Store.

See Requirements for accessing Exchange mailboxes .

Agent for Microsoft SharePoint

You must have a current version of the Agent for Windows installed on all of the servers that participate in the SharePoint farm.

Agent for VMware and Hyper-V

You can recover only individual items to virtual machines that run a Windows operating system.

By default, the Agent for VMware and Hyper-V uses Granular Recovery Technology to protect files and folders at a granular level. You can also enable the granular recovery of Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, and Active Directory application data that resides on virtual machines.

See How to restore individual items by using Granular Recovery Technology.

See Recommended devices for backups that use Granular Recovery Technology.

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