Can Helpdesk worker self enroll be disabled?

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Occasionally a worker will click on the link which points to the worker console, whereupon the worker will be prompted to create a new account.  Is there a way to prevent this so that not everybody can auto register? There are only some workers that need to be outfitted to be Helpdesk workers. These workers can be set up by the HD administrators.


Either remove the users from the Security Role(s) that has the "View Incidents" privilege or remove the "View Incidents" privilege from those Security Role(s).  By default this privilege is assigned to the roles "Altiris Administrators", "Altiris Supervisors", "Altiris Level 2 Workers", and "Altiris Level 1 Workers".
Make sure that the default setting for "allowSelfEnrollment" in the web.config in the worker folder is still set to "no".

Ligitimate workers would be need to be added to one of the Security Roles (like "Altiris Level 1 Workers") that have the "View Incidents" privilege.  At that point the worker can be manaully added otherwise the Worker Self-Enroll will still add the worker because the worker has the privilege to "View Incidents".

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