Carbon Copy End of Life Statement

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What is the End of Life Statement for Carbon Copy?


Carbon Copy (Solution and Consumer) End of Life

Effective 6 April 2007, the following Altiris products are discontinued. Accordingly, these products are officially in End of Life (EOL) status:

  • Carbon Copy Solution
  • Carbon Copy Consumer

As defined in the revised Altiris End of Life Policy (article 2266) Altiris will continue to offer the following three categories of support for these products:

  • Engineering Support
  • Technical Support
  • Technical Information Support

To receive product support through the EOL period, as described in the Altiris End of Life Policy, the customer must at all times:

  1. Remain current on Altiris’ Annual Upgrade Protection (AUP).
  2. Purchase and/or maintain an Altiris technical support agreement.
  3. Have installed the most current service pack and hotfix for the product.

AUP entitles the customer to any updates and upgrades released generally by Altiris during the applicable AUP period for the applicable software product during the EOL period. As no new releases of the effected products are planned at this time, the following versions will be the final releases:

  • Carbon Copy Solution 6.2.1144
  • Carbon Copy Consumer 6.1.2003

Review the latest version of the Altiris End of Life Policy for more details regarding EOL support policies. Support dates will be posted publicly on the Altiris Web site.

Symantec will protect customers’ investment in Carbon Copy by integrating pcAnywhere into the Notification Server 7.0 console. The integrated version of pcAnywhere will be called “pcAnywhere Solution.” Carbon Copy customers with current maintenance will receive free licenses of the pcAnywhere Solution when it becomes available. Meanwhile, Carbon Copy customers should continue using the product until the integration that is targeted for Q1 2009. If a customer with current maintenance requires pcAnywhere standalone capabilities prior to the release of Notification Server 7.0, they may contact the Altiris Sales Support Center to inquire about the pcAnywhere entitlement.

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