Creating Overdue Incident Notification Policy

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How can I create a notification policy that will send a email to an Assigned worker of an incident that is overdue?

To create a Notification Policy that sends emails for overdue incidents to the Assigned worker here is what you need to do:

  1.  Create a New Notification Policy
  2.  For Source you will want to write a query that returns overdue incidents. Here is an example query:     

    select workitem_number,workitem_title,assigned_to_worker_name,assigned_to_worker_email,contact_name,contact_phone

    from HD_workitem_current_view

    where workitem_status_lookup_id <> 600 and workitem_is_scheduled = 1 and workitem_due_on < getdate()

  3. Under Automated Actions section you will want to add an Email Automated Action.
  4. In the email Automated Action, you will need to enable it and name it so that you know what it is doing.
  5. For the Execute you want to select the radio button Once Per Row.
  6. In setting up the rest of the email you will use Data Source Parameters (%DS:<column_name>%) to fill in dynamic data.

    Here are some examples:

    To address: %DS:assigned_to_worker_email%
    Subject: %DS:workitem_number%
    Message: %DS:assigned_to_worker_name%, %DS:workitem_title%

The rest of the email you would format to your liking.

If you need more help with using and understanding Data Source Parameters (%DS:<column_name>%),see article 34996.

Attached is an example of a Notification Policy that will send the emails out. The file that is attached is Updated Overdue Inicident.xml.

Important: This information has been supplied as is and is not supported by Altiris Support Services. If you are needing a more advanced customized policy, you will need to contact Altiris Professional Services.


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