About DBA-initiated job settings

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About DBA-initiated job settings

You can configure settings for DBA-initiated job templates.

See About configuring DBA-initiated job templates.

Table: DBA-initiated job settings




Lets you specify the storage device that you want to use for the DBA-initiated job template.

You can also configure compression, encryption, and data lifecycle management settings for storage.

See Storage options for DBA-initiated jobs.


Lets you specify general settings for the DBA-initiated job template.

You can name the job and create a description for its backup sets. You can also enable a verify operation for the job.

See General options for DBA-initiated jobs.


Lets you specify the network interface that Backup Exec uses to access remote computers.

See Network options for DBA-initiated jobs.

Migrator for Enterprise Vault

Lets you configure credentials for Migrator for Enterprise Vault, if necessary.

See Migrator for Enterprise Vault options.


Lets you configure Backup Exec to notify specified recipients when the backup job is completed.

Backup Exec can notify people by email or text message.

See Notification options for jobs.

Duplicate Job Settings

Lets you configure options for duplicate jobs, which create a second set of backup sets for the job.

See Duplicate job settings for DBA-initiated jobs.

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