Troubleshooting Inventory Solution for Macintosh

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Inventory Solution for Macintosh is not reporting data or the Macintosh data classes do not appear in Resource Manager. How can I troubleshoot these issues?


  1. Ensure the Macintosh Inventory policies are enabled on the Notification Server console.
  2. On the Macintosh client, move all .nsi and .bak files to the trash in this directory: /Applications/Utilities/Altiris Agent/Software Delivery/{DEC68AD…1B050BFC}/Cache/Inventory. The directory should be empty after doing this.
  3. Run one or both of the following: MachineInv or SoftwareScan, depending on what your looking for. A new set of .nsi (and perhaps .bak) files should have been created in the …/Cache/Inventory directory.
  4. Run InvCollector in the Cache folder. This will create an NSE file and send it to the NS for processing.
  5. Open Resource Manager for that client. If it’s already open, press F5 to refresh the page. Using the green circular arrows to refresh will not suffice.
  6. If the data is not there, query the database tables for data. This works best on new installations. If the table is empty, the file wasn’t processed; see step 7. If data is there for that client, Resource Manager should see it.
  7. If the database and/or Resource Manager do not show the updates, run logviewer.exe in the <installdrive>:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\bin directory. Uncheck all entry types except error. Look for an entry corresponding to the date and time you ran InvCollector on the Macintosh client. If you see an entry indicating that a specific NSE file was moved to a bad queue, fix the indicated problem if you can, or post to the Altiris Forum ( or call Altiris Support Services. 
  8. If the data still didn’t make it to the server, use AltirisTask Queue to try refreshing policies. Enable logging on the client and rerun steps 2 through 4 and look for the log.txt file in the Altiris Agent directory. Enable logging by modifying the /Library/Preferences/Altiris/com.altiris.Config.plist file. Look for the <string> tags associated with LogEnabled.

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