How to change source paths for multiple files

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How do I change multiple file source paths?


  1. Select Tools menu > Convert Source Paths. The Convert Source Paths dialog appears with a list of all the directories that are referenced in the installation.
  2. Select a directory from the list. To change multiple directories, select a high-level directory so that you can change all of its subdirectories.
  3. Click Change Selected Path. The Change Selected Path dialog appears.
  4. Complete the dialog. Change to
    1. Specify the new path.
    2. Change sub-directories.
    3. Mark this to change the subdirectories of the current directory.
  5. Click OK. The Change Source Directories to column displays the new path. If you marked Change Sub-Directories, all directories that start with the same name as the one you changed are renamed.

    For example, if you change C:\Program Files\Application\Manual to C:\Program Files\Application\Online Manuals, all the directories that begin with C:\Program Files\Application\Manuals are changed.
  6. To make additional changes, repeat the preceding steps.
  7. To set the path type for files that you add to the installation later, make a selection from Path Type on the Convert Source Paths dialog. You can set paths to absolute, relative, or UNC-based.
  8. Click OK.

All parts of the installation that reference these directories are updated.

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