When enabling Patch bulletins, a timeout will potentially occur

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The latest Administrator Software Development Kit 1.4 includes the ability to enable and distribute Patch Management bulletins. As the number of bulletins increases there is potential for a timeout to occur in the Web layer.



The information on increasing the timeout is in the ASDK documentation but here is the reminder. This information is in the Contents under Altiris ASDK > Programming Guides > Web Service Programming Guide > Using a Proxy Class > Creating and Using Proxy Classes.

If you want to change the default timeout setting for the connection to the Web server, set the value of the Timeout property of the service object. (The default timeout setting is 100000 milliseconds (1.67 minutes).) Use a number representing milliseconds to set a new value. To make the timeout an infinite length set the value to -1. For example, use this code in C# to set the timeout to five minutes:

itemMS.Timeout = 300000;

Or something like the following should help illustrate doing this within a VB Script:

set SoftwareBulletins = CreateObject("Altiris.ASDK.PatchManagement.SoftwareBulletins")

SoftwareBulletins.TargetServer = "localhost"

This is also described in the documentation under the section labeled "Setting Up COM Objects" under

"Altiris ASDK\Programming Guides\Com Programming Guide"

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