Displaying the DMP configuration for native LVM support

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Displaying the DMP configuration for native LVM support

See Migrating LVM volume groups to DMP

When DMP is enabled for native devices, the dmp_native_support attribute displays as ON. When the tunable is ON, all DMP disks are available for native volumes except:

  • Devices that have a VxVM label

    If you initialize a disk for VxVM use, then the native multi-pathing feature is automatically disabled for the disk. When the VxVM label is removed, the native multi-pathing is enabled.

  • Devices that are multi-pathed with Third-party drivers

    If a disk is already multi-pathed with a third-party driver (TPD), DMP does not manage the devices unless TPD support is removed.

To display whether DMP is enabled

  1. Display the attribute dmp_native_support.

    # vxdmpadm gettune dmp_native_support
  2. When the dmp_native_support tunable is ON, use the vxdisk list command to display available volumes. Volumes available to LVM display with the TYPE auto:none. Volumes that are already in use by LVM display with the TYPE auto:LVM.

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