Responsibility by Department report

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Responsibility by Department report

For each department, the Responsibility by Department report lists the owner, monitored employees, department reviewers, and more. Departments that have no reviewers are shown as (unreviewed). Delegate reviewers have the tag "On behalf of reviewer_name".

This report contains the following fields.

Table: Fields in the Responsibility By Department report

This field



The owner of the department (typically the main system administrator for Compliance Accelerator).

Monitored Employees

The departmental employees whom Compliance Accelerator is monitoring.

Departmental Reviewers

The Compliance Accelerator users who can review and mark the items in the department.

Escalation Reviewers

The Compliance Accelerator users to whom department reviewers can escalate items for further attention.

Compliance Supervisors

The Compliance Accelerator users who can appraise the work of department reviewers and manage any exception employees in the department.

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