How to install SCSP 5.2 RU8 MP3 on a RHEL 5.8 system in silent mode to work around known issue.

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When the MP3 agent is installed in silent mode on RHEL 5.8, the install fails.  It is related to a warning that is associated to false positive Kernel version mismatch on RHEL 5.8. When the agent is installed in the interactive mode, it gives the user a warning on the kernel mismatch but gives a choice to continue. The workaround for this is to use the “check-bypass” option.
Here as the specifics on the Check-Bypass option: 
Bypassing prerequisite checks
The UNIX installation kit lets you bypass some of the prerequisite checks for
agent installation. You can use this feature if you know the installation kit is
incorrectly failing a prerequisite.
To enable the bypass prerequisite checks feature, run Touch as superuser:
touch /etc/scsp-check-bypass
You can use the bypass prerequisite checks feature to bypass the following
prerequisite checks:
■ Verify that the installation kit is being run by the root user
■ Perform OS platform and version checks
■ Perform package dependencies checks
■ Perform file system/disk space usage checks
When the bypass prerequisite checks feature is used, the installation kit displays
all errors and warnings about prerequisite check failures. However, instead of
terminating the installation, you may choose to continue.
When you run the installation kit in interactive mode, you are asked if you want
to continue. When you run the installation kit in silent mode, the prerequisite
failure is logged and the installation continues.

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