[27027] bmiInitRuleSystem: error while reading spamwall config

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[27027] bmiInitRuleSystem: error while reading spamwall config

Error code: 27027

Error text: bmiInitRuleSystem: error while reading spamwall config

Affected module: brightmail_engine

Symantec Brightmail Gateway 9.0 and later versions


The system is unable to read or parse the configuration file.

If this error occurs while the system is running, it does not intervene with the processing and continues to use the old configuration. If the error occurs during startup, the system continuously attempts to start until it can successfully do so.

If the condition causing the error persists, the error occurs continuously and several times in a minute.


Another error that appears immediately before this error provides information on the exact issue. For example, the read_spamwall_config: <value> missing settings error may appear immediately before this error. Consult that error to know the reason for this failure. Possibilities include out of memory errors, missing or invalid configuration file elements, or disk errors.


If the issue is with the system's memory or disk space, you must resolve that issue. You may restart the Brightmail Engine from the Control Center or the MTA from the command line.

If the issue is with a specific configuration element, look at that setting and determine if it is somehow incorrect. Try changing the setting, and then change it back.

If you are uncertain what the issue is, try increasing the Brightmail Engine log level, and then changing it back. Choose Restart Now when you change the log level and also when you change it back. By performing this action, you force the configuration file to be regenerated and also restart the service.

If you cannot resolve this issue, contact Symantec customer support for assistance.

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